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Thread: House Robot Rebellion

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    yeah, thats fine.
    I think some people (me included to be honest) have become overly sensitive to spoilers of late due to people on another forum.

    appolgies as it appears you genuinly didnt mean it.

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    No worries
    By the way, (ive already posted this, its gonna sound like bragging)
    I received mail from five about a certain persons forum account being terminated.
    Wonder who taht could be. So to make up for my spoiler I helped to eliminate the master spoiler! Also, I dont think he had heard of FRA so he wont be showing up here for a while if ever.

    Anyway, back to topic.
    Its a shame 3 robots arent fighting the houses, and notcie all the opponents are flippers? Does anyone think Gravity could OOTA a house robot? At the sides I think even Mr. Pyscho could stumble (on gravitys flipper) and fall.

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    Mr Psycho outside the arena? I dont want to think about the potential safety hazards.

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    go gravity flip mr physco so we can finally see it flipped unlike the missing ep on extreme 2

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    Question is though, which two HRs will start, and which will be saved for a suprise appearance halfway through the fight??

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    it would proberbly be Cassius Chrome and growler at the start and then Physco will make a damatic entrance with smoke and stuff (i hope)

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    i ment dramatic not damatic

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    They probably wont start with Shunt, hes been the whipping boy for some time now, especially against flippers

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    erm, shunts not going to be in it...

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