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Thread: House Robot Rebellion

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    is it cus bigger bro cant flip the big house bots.

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    Gravity can flip the house robots, and he can flip them HIGH... (*wink,wink*)
    Cheers, Ewan

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    gravity has 4 tonnes at the ram,
    there is very little in the arena or car park for that matter, that he cant flip.
    sorry.... couldnt flip.
    WJ sold most of it.

    good match though, dont want to give anything away, but most of the posts above are wrong, and right.

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    Dont worry, the parts did go to a good home ( a person having 2Etecs just asking to be mated to the Gravityweaponsystem)

    Its not the last of that setup we have seen.
    Also, the inpsiration Gravity provides look rather in the size Gigantic
    At least 7 heavies ,and 1 new feather coming up (No to Cutlet)

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    I hear now its just gravity and behemoth.
    But i dont think Behemoth can do anything.
    It cant flip pyscho surely and Cassius Chromes shape is odd to topple. Growlers wuite big too. However Gravity should flip growler and CC (and I heard that the gravity flipper in the series was weakened due to it being to strong) \
    My. Pyscho is hard ot flip (firestorm managed it due to its drive and weaponry and the way pyscho was on top of firestorm)
    Should be interesting

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    lol i heard somewhere about firestrom and mr physcho and looks like were going never them on tv i heard head to head but gravity and bemonth its gonna be 1-0 to the uk robots.

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    **** Sorry about the spoiler! ****
    Honestly sorry i thought it was common knowledge on this forum. True, it may never be shown...
    Sorry again, I completely forgot.

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    if we already knew why tell us in such detail what happens?

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    I didnt intend on so much detail about what happened
    I didnt mean it, and apologised, but
    if we already knew why tell us in such detail what happens?
    does sound like a dig

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