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Thread: Doo-wah-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-review

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    Melee 1

    Fast and furious, a good way to open up. Maybe Diablos was good... Never saw it. Tsunami and X-Terminaotr seemed to be the only two robots in this battle.

    Melee 2

    Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy, why do you disappoint us so? Got some very painful blows on Scary-Go-Round and broke down. I think the weapon got caught, causing the motor to jam and overheat which caused their internals to melt down. Not that um... Ive been talking to any team Constrictor members about it. All done on my own technical knowledge. Yeah. Honest. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!!

    Axe attack

    Idve called it Whack Attack, but thats just me. Kat 3 seemed to break down quickly. Shame for the team but Hydra and Iron Awe put on a cracking fight for us without them. Shunt being tipped over is always fun to see, and we almost saw the first flip of Cassius Chrome but... Nah The fight was only ruined by Refbot opening the pit. Im sure if he hadnt done so, Hydra wouldnt have gone down it

    X-Terminator vs Killer Carrot

    I thought X-Terminator had broken the weapon on the carrot at first, but the interview said different. Little Adam talking his socks off again. Bless him

    Tsunami vs Constrictor

    Due to the fact the Constrictor team didnt have the time or space to fit buffer tanks into their robot, they were unable to self right and were disposed of quickly, and no Im not asking Dom about this as we speak. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!!

    X-Terminator vs Tsunami

    Great fight this. Both robots really performed well and got some really good attacks in... But thsi fight was all about one attack. The one where Tsunami tried to flip X-Terminator OOTA and failed. Big turning point and it turned into a spin-fest from there on in. However, there was no obvious winner unti one managed to get well on top and could have gone either way. Fight of the night for me.

    Well done to X-Terminator. We havent seen em in the semies since series 4!

    Pierce watch

    Tsunami... Has there ever been a more powerful flipper?

    ...Gravity didnt make much of an impression on him I see.

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    It was great fun for us to fight in england! Thx to all that guy´s supporting us befor, during and after the event! Your all great! It was a shame to loose in the heat, but we never even thought geting so far. It was good luck! We made the desicion during the fight, to try to flip X-Terminator OOTA, we thought it´s the only way to win. But we didn´t have luck. So we try it next year!

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    To anybody who missed this eposode or just wants to see it again its on on saturday afternoon.

    Ian Mc Donald

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