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Thread: Robot fighters in Finland

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    If you would like to see how Finish roboteers fight take a look at


    BTW. We are arranging live event at the end of April 2004 in Helsinki Model-Expo Show. If here is any interested roboteers who like to participate our competition please let me know. We have four weight classes at the moment (0-150gr, 1-6kgs, 6-12kgs and 12-25kgs).

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    Hoogvliet, The Netherlands
    that Hakkuri robot looks nice.

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    Thanks! Thats my first 12kg robot.

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    asko, i emailed you.. did you get it ???

    Roaming Robots
    The Official Robot Wars!
    Book your tickets quick !!

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    next event is at assembly -04, 7th of august in Helsinki, saturday 12:00

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    Nice to see the Finns starting up... best of luck !

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    thx, were going to have our first international event 7th of august... one roboteer from austria is coming there with 6kg bot called Electra

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