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Thread: Return of the wooty review.

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    Melee 1

    Devestator was never given a chance by Tornado, and Saw Point 2 was never given a chance by Ewe 2 so um... Fairly predictable melee to be honest, although I do wonder why Psycho failed to go... psycho on Devestator when he was shoved in his CPZ. I wonder if the hammer arm wasnt working?

    Melee 2

    Barberious looked great... Until it broke. What happened there? One second it was chopping away quite hapily then it just... stopped. Tetanus booster looked good, and the Leveller team did well to repair the damage.


    Definitely fight of the night. Not only did most of the featherweights look good but... Mammoth did something! After seeing him getting destroyed by middleweights, its nice to see him in his proper weight catagory. The rest of the fight was manic, and I san see why Stuart was looking forward to it... Typhoon failing to work DTK and Bernard both performed well, but I think Alienator failing to move for a while sealed the decision.

    Tornado vs Leveller 2

    What weapon was Tornado using? I saw a slot but erm... Weapon? Was there a weapon there? Meh. Good fight if youre a Tornado fan, bad fight if youre among the people who would happily see it strewn across the arena in little pieces.

    Ewe 2 vs Tetanus Booster

    Good fight... Kinda. A lot of pushing about, but neither robot seemed able to get to grips with the other. A lot of damage seemed to be done to Ewe 2 and something flew off but it was looking pretty healthy at cease. Thats why I think the decision was wrong based on what we saw. Ewe 2 was better controlled and seemed far more aggressive.

    Tornado vs Tetenus booster

    A basic continuation of the Leveller 2 fight. Tornado far too strong, Tetanus Booster just found itself punched and shoved everywhere... Not much I can say really, except well done to Tornado and comiserations to Tetunus Booster.

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    Tornado had a chain flayel or howver you spell it. Just 6 bits of chain spinning at about 9000rpm. It does tear into 3mm polycarb - so it is a weapon - but its the scoop that Tornado use the most

    Mr Stu

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    Well said Tom!

    Mr Stu

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    So far this series has not seen as much destruction as before but theres along way to go yet. This has certianly not made it any less exciting to watch and in my opinion Series 7 is the best yet. Weve all just got used to robots breaking down in every other fight and Series 7 comes along and changes all that. Weve all got to build fast & reliable machines now and thats not easy.

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