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    Fun.... is that what its called :P

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    it used to be fun dont think it is any more sniff sniff

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    Simon Rafferty
    Barber-ous 2 'n a bit
    What happened to Barber-ous?
    From the horses mouth - so to speak!

    After last year (where Hypnodisk took the link out allowing us to get a bit mashed), we re-designed the links somewhat.
    They consited of a sheet of brass about the size of a credit card inserted into a slot in one of the polycarb outriggers. They were designed to be flexible and not fall out.

    Unfortunatly, when it landed after being flipped, it landed on the outrigger - which shattered! The link was still in place, but unfortunatly, not attached to the robot!

    Almost the same thing happened in the spinning things fight with Shredder and the chaps from Imperial, except it was the link that connects the two sets of batteries together - so we were then running on only half power and it went flat before its time.

    We have now built another (hopefully better) solution with what is called a detent pin. It is metal pin which locks itself in place and can only be removed by pushing (or pulling) a button on the top of the pin. The pin pushed into the housing which surrounds one of the wheel motors. Its pretty well protected there and would only be vulnerable to a very lucky axe strike - I admit these things have a habit of happening though.

    Pitty there will be no more RWs on TV, but it should stand us in good stead for Debenham and the World Championships (if we get in!)


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