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Thread: Doh

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    I may as well start it off DOH!


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    Make mine a double! Doh Doh!!


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    Long live the mouse great job Trevor really made em work for there win well done

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    yeah mighty mouse is brilliant well done
    yay Thermidor are in the semi-finals!

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    Pleeeeeeeeeease let me have a grudge match with Thermidor. I think it would be very interesting...


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    I think my Pinser would like to go one on one with Kronic
    just like to prove were good

    Can I just say how much damage we did. there was that silver box thing that was 2.5mm grade 5 ti and 4mm ally straight through no worries and if I remember right we lockd the flipper on Kronic blowning off the tubing.
    if in doubt fight it out

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