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Thread: Is this even worth fighting for?

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    With Razer out, is it even worth fighting for as any victory is hollow when the champs are absent.

    (ducks quickly before head gets bitten off)

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    why, if they dont have the balls to show up, The trophy SHOULD go to someone else.

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    dont see why it would be an empty victory with the standard of this yrs bots razor was not missed and bye not entering they could be cutting there nose of to spite there face razor is not robot wars and we will go on inspite of razor not being there kids soon forget and move on

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    Peacehaven, East Sussex, UK
    Youre right - Razer is not Robot Wars but Robot Wars should not decide the World Championships, it should be an open competition...... it sounds like the US way of thinking that the winners of the World Series are baseball world champions whereas its really Cuba!

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    In the end Razer would have taken a serious kicking this year..
    They know it.. we know it.. and not turning up just let some semblance of superiority be retained!

    I mean no offence by this by the way.. Ive always had the greatest respect for Razers creativity and record in combat... its just had its day!


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    I Know Razer was ready to go this year, but finance
    issues could not be agreed ,that said it was probably fortunate that they didnt go ,as Full
    Body spinners are difficult to hang on to !!!!!!,I think all in all they made the right decision as did a lot of others, and next time
    it is going to be even worse!!!:sad::sad::sad:

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    There are a certain individuals who always run to the defence of the Razer team. Bottom line is they chose not to enter but this does not take anything away from the competition. Just wish the Razer team could have retired gracefully whilst on top. Look forward to the future rather than looking back at those who fall by the way side.

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    leorcc's Avatar

    Hoogvliet, The Netherlands
    In my opinion its pretty simple.

    Like in most championships, if the current champion cannot or wil not attend, the title is up for grabs.

    The competitors this year were second to none, and i fully enjoyed this years world championship. And even though i am still a fan of the robot, i didnt mis Razer, not even for a second.


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    Peacehaven, East Sussex, UK
    Exactly....Razer were world champions, now theyre not. Life goes on and theyll find even harder to come back as time goes on which is something theyll have to deal with by themselves.


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    he didnt bite!

    and I agree with all the above

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