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Thread: Italian Robots

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    Im a student at the university of Lund in Sweden and my exam-work is by making it possibel to remote-controle anything over internet with cameras, like camere-paintball-war-robots over the internet with delays around 0.3 sek.
    I MADE IT !!!!!!!
    It can be controlled from the other side of the earth.
    I have build a camere-paintball-war-robot with WLAN and you can try to controll it by logging in on this site

    If you want to drive around with it please e-mail me.
    I have to be there when I let it loose.

    We are planing on a arena with some battle-robots and we want to know what you want of it.

    Please answer some questions so I can designe robots and arena after your requests.

    Please send these questions to friends and forums who you believe are interested.

    If anyone would be interested in how its done please e-mail me and I can help you with it.
    I have developed it to be cheape and simple but effektive.
    If a gamer have a 1 GHz computer and 1 Mbit/s internet the system can transmitt 704 x 576 resolution with 30 images/s.
    Its ok by me. The delay over 140 Miles (1400 000 m) is about 0.3 sek.
    If there is a satelite the delay increase aboute 0.5 sek so I realy would like to have a arena in USA. If anyone over there is interested please let me know.

    Please send this to a friend becourse a financier is interested in helping me but he need aboute 1000 answers in the surveyer so he can deside if he is interested.

    Magnus Ivarsson

    Regards Magi

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    Ciao Fabio!

    Where do you com from in Italy? There are a few teams (tsunami, reaper..) in the south german (bavarian) area and team crashlab and me in austria. Maybe we can organise a event in northern italy or so? (sounds nice, especially in winter time ) The amount of decent restaurants will also be a reason....

    tanti saluti

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    Hi Fabio,

    Given the fact that most european countries are not big on building robots, the most chance you have on fighting battles outside the UK are Germany, Holland, and Belgium. It may take a while to get there, but i assure you, once youve been to live events, the quality of your robots will improve with leaps and bounds.

    Just look how well the German and Dutch roboteers do at live events now, that all comes down to experience and learning as we compete.

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