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Thread: DanTomKia

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    But i cant see it being any help for Geoff with holes in it.
    13 Black DOES have a srimech for Series 7 - should be interesting.
    But saying that - Scorpion was invertable, and couldnt stay in the arena. Eeek.


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    Geoff, remember, Dantomkia is only a flipper! LMAO.

    Stu, the side pods on Dantomkia are a mixture of Hardox ( upper wheel arch ) and 1.2mm steel.

    paul ( Vader ), I nearly passed out after our fight. I was worried so much that I had more than my normal high addrenaline level and after the fight it all let go. Luckily I didnt puke.

    Rob, after Harry Hills comments I thought before I spoke this year. That is why there is a pause between the question and the answer. I wont have you lot taking the piss like that anymore. LOL


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