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Thread: DanTomKia

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    yeah nice one mike... made it look easy


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    Yes indeedy! He looks so well-practiced for a newcomer! :wink:

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    stu's Avatar

    Think mike told me its someting like 3mm mild steel.


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    straight down their throat
    well done Mike, almost as good as last years quote, well just have to see if Mr Hill has been watching?

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    Having seen the replays and taken lots of stick at work I have to concede that we were seriously out classed in the final. Dantomkia was perfectly matched for us as the twin forks fit nicely between the spinning weapon. Or should I say Bi-rotational axe !!!!

    The only conciliation we can take from the experience is that Mike was a little worried before the fight.

    Keen to see how far it goes this year. 3 rounds a 3 flippers through ! How many more ???

    Paul S.

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