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Thread: Greater Manchester, Cheshire, North Wales and Lancashire Soc

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    I am looking at holding our first regional meeting in January (seemed a nice time to hold the first meeting). After speaking to some of the teams in my region it looks like the meeting location will be somewhere around Chester.
    We currently have the following teams showing interest

    Mark Lumb with Big Nipper
    Simon Fargher with Mongrel
    Jim MacArthur with Cayenne
    James Baker with Tantrum
    Rob Jones with Chip
    Ian Visser with Crushtacean
    Stephen Fearn with Infinity

    The social is open to anybody so if your interested drop me an email


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    have fun guys,

    Look forward to hearing the gossip.

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    Just tell us where and when, Ill be there.

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    I would like to attend if i can get there, dont suppose there is anyone going past Lancaster to get there. BTW I would only need a lift when Im back at uni which is from the 12th Jan.

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    The date for our 1st meeting will be the 10th January, so if all those interested in attending could either email me (see profile) or leave a message here. Could you confirm how many people will be coming and if you want to have a meal first. I would guess we would be looking at a 8.00pm start so food would be before hand. I am currently looking at pubs just off the M56, so I will get back with the location as soon as Ive found one.



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    Hi Guys,
    Hope you all had a good Christmas, I just thought I would let you know I have found a pub for our first meeting. I have chosen the pub due to is central location for our region. We can relook at the location for future meetings once we see who is attending but for now it will be here. The pub is the Old Hall Farm and is based near Cheshire Oaks, the address is
    Old Hall Farm
    Kinnsey Road
    Little Stanley
    Eleesmere port
    CH65 9JY

    The pub is just off junction 11 of the M53 which is just off junction 13 of the M56, just head for Cheshire Oaks (outlet village)

    I have a copy of the menu that I can email for those of you who wish to eat, to save time could you let me know what you want and I can pre order. The meeting will start at 8ish so those who want to eat would need to be at the pub for 7.00pm.

    As its the first meeting we need to go through some FRA stuff but after this we can take a look at any robots that attended. Heavys will have to be left in the cars but feathers and ants can be brought into the pub, just remember safety.

    Can you let me know the numbers of people who will be attending from each team.

    Best regards and Happy New Year


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    Unfortunatley Im still at home in the midlands that day and Its my brothers 18th so I cant come.

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    Just thought I would give an update on how our meeting went on the 10th

    We had 16 people turn up for the meeting, they comprisied of the following teams

    Mute boys
    Big Nipper boys
    Jim MacArthur/Cayenne
    James Baker/Tantrum
    Ian Visser/Crushtacean
    Stephen Fearn/Infinity
    Pete/Bloody L

    Firstly we started off with a exellent meal which gaves us time to have a little chat. Then we moved onto the FRA matters, we went through events, rule changes, membership. A few points were raised that can be addressed at the meeting on the 17th. James brought along a couple of his feather weights for us to look at, they look impressive.
    All in all a very good meeting it was decided that the next meeting would be in a couple months.


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