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Thread: Wow, what a show !!! Unbelievable !!!

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    What a robot.

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    I find it somewhat amasing that WBC actualy works. The way that cilinder is mounted, mind you ive only seen it on TV. It almost has no hight diverance when the flipper is closed so the force is aimed wrong for opening. Only when it is opend quite a bit is the force direction actualy in somewhat the rigt direction. Please correct me if im wrong, But how does it do it?

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    Ive always wondered that, the leverage is almost all wrong.

    Roger did mention to me that the lid on WBC flexes quite a bit when it is flipping, it was that flexion that gave it the flick that tossed 100Kg of robot from the middle of the arena against the outer curtain last tie it appeared. That might allow something of a change of flipper geometry, so that the ram is angled more out of the same plane as the lid hinge axis.

    Of course, this is pure speculation. It may just be that appearances are deceptive and the ram is angled sufficiently upwards to allow it to lift a robot once full gas pressure has been achieved.

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    There is a height difference, only not as much as with AIR or Chaos2 or Gravity. So the angle isnt optimal, but it is sufficient.

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