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Thread: Middleweight database

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    i will start the database off

    Name: BEAM
    Weight:Around 50kgs
    Motors:2x electrocraft high torque motors
    Contollers: 2x 4qd ncc 70a 24v speed contollers
    Batteries:2x 12v 6.5ah batteries (probeley changing to higher)
    Armour:6mm mild steel
    Weapons: ramming spikes ( probeley changing to pheumatic flipper)
    Extra notes: invertable + 4wd

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    remember theres the official FRA DB on the middlewieghts website.

    2x 400w Wheelchair motors (modified)
    No controllers at mo
    24v 6Ah NiCads
    2-5mm steel
    Pneumatic flipper

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    name - Typhoon
    weight - near 50kg
    motors - 2x1hp wheelchair motors
    controllers - custom made
    batteries - 21V (cant remember Ah off top of head) ni-cads
    armour - 10mm thick steel and 2mm thick Al
    weapon - full bodied spinner
    extra - half the mass of the robot is in the disc and we have a 3hp mag powering the disc

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    name- Tanto Jnr
    weight- 42kg
    motors- Mags
    Controllers- Tanto controllers
    batteries 24 or 36v Nicad
    Armour 1/4 T6
    weapon- none
    top speed of near 30 mph

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    name- Phoenix (Malc 1.5+)
    weight- 45kg
    motors- EV warriors
    Controllers- NCC 70
    batteries 24V Lead acid
    Armour 8mm Ally checker plate
    weapon- Electric Lifter
    top speed of near 30 mph

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    John can electrolise take 36v?

    Ian mc DOnald

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    typo above.......its actually ni-mh

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    probely going to 12mm polycarbonate for alot of impact resisants

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