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Thread: Middleweight database

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    im planning to have a middleweight ready for the winter tour .......... watch this space :-)

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    hi everyone

    jus so u know id like to tell u im currently drawing up the plans to drop Tanto from 100kg to 50kg
    Plans so far are good looks likely to be on target, reason for the drop is ease of carriage, and I want to take her off to America and ican dramiticlly decrease the cost of flying if i have a middle
    Ill keep u posted but shell be in her heavyweight chassis til i can afford the new shell and wheels. The rest of her should stay the same bar the lithiums I am putting in which will also help with the drop in weight. 2 Eteks in a middle? yes the answer to your question.

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    thought about a middle but decided not to

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    dont have a middle weight yet......hmmmmmmmmm

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    Tanto Jnr
    4mm Hardox
    2x Bosch GPA

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    Your link, she does not work...

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