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Thread: Middleweight database

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    Hi all.
    Iv uploaded the new site with new robots on the list.
    Can every one who has a bot on there without a photo can you pleaseeeeeeeeee email me a pic of the bot to

    Cheers guys,
    FRA middle weight rep.

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    Does anybody mind if I use the stats posted here for my MW site database?
    ( )


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    I have no problems with that. updated specs..

    2x 400w Wheelchair motors (modified)
    Vantec RDFR36e
    24v 7Ah SLA
    Steel, HDPE and Ali
    Pneumatic flipper, 80*210mm ram, capable of flipping a heavyweight.

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    Thanks, the site should be up in the next few weeks, I will post here again when it is up!


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    My middleweight section is up, with more coming soon.


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    Julian, good news (so far), my heavy is looking like the chassis anyways will be around the 50kg mark.

    I am planning that the weapon at the back is removeable with a few bolts so i may be able to make a version which i can enter in middleweight contests. As ever I cannot guarantee anything but at least it may be another middleweight in the UK!

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