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Thread: Mute

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    Just thought I would let you know Mute has a new web address and weve finally got round to updating it.

    New link is

    Theres some new pictures of Mute, Micro Mute and Micro Mute 2 and some videos of Mute doing what it does best.

    Any feedback would be appreciated as were still working on it with some more updates


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    its only took you about 2yrs to update it! theres a video of the sheffield final on our site if you wanna put a link to it. Also have a load of photos of mute at events if you want them.

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    WOAH! , Mute has evolved so mutch over the last few years. for the better?

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    I am a big fan of Mute great bot and good web site guys

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    nah but could selfright back in if it was flipped oota

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    Could. I still reckon Mute needs a way of getting robots onto the flipper. Thats the one problem with it , me feels

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