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Thread: Mute

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    I got a remote control car covered with cardboard and armed with a steel wedge 0.2 mm off the ground. It weighs only 2kg though!!! Does that count?? No, but maybe one day when i have more time and when im not so busy ill get around to building a real robot.

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    Paul, can you give me a estimate when we can purchase these kits on-line?

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    Is there any way for Mute to self right without doing the somersault ? I personnally love watching it do it, but its buggered you out of a few things before

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    Why dont you just turn the dip-tubes around? Youd get less flipps...but better ones...and you would shrimech alot better

    Dave moulds
    Team Turbine

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    wish you read the posts! When we get turned over the dip tubes are no longer in the gas space, and are now fully submerged in CO2 liquid and the flipper becomes more explosive and energetic - hence the bunny effect! We could run on liquid all the time but with our current setup (using HP gas), on about 3Kg of CO2 we get around 50 flips.

    fool :P

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    yea I read that.....but still...

    Dave moulds
    Team Turbine

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