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Thread: Mute

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    You could always use the rear flipper to get an oota.

    Mutes cool

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    i must agree with u, mute is a very formidable flipper all housed in a tiny chassis. It is so interesting to see how such a small robot is able to compete so well against the rest of the competitors. I dont think the way the flipper is hinged makes much difference to its performance. Well done daniel (and team) on making such a great machine

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    I was at Brighton Model World. I dont recall seeing Mute and storm 2 in the same fight...

    I did build a featherwieght once. It had a cardboard shell over an RC car and a sellotaped knife on the front. It wasnt very competative though. Shame, it had potentiol

    Seriously, I hope to build a REAl featherwieght some day soon, maybe that Zeobot thing from technobots, sounds good.

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