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Thread: Wooty-review time.

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    ...Yes I know its copy and pasting... Im lazy

    Melee 1

    Shell Shock, we never saw what they could do... It could probably self right if it landed on its back, but... Pity Vader broke down as well, as their flywheel looked decent... Didnt see that much of Tiberious, but M2... Two robots OOTA on your debut

    Melee 2

    I honestly think Roobarb looked the strongest in this melee, certainly towards the end. Twister seemed to do the most damage to Brutus Maximus, but I think the Cat got its weapon. Good fight all round really

    Supernova vs Mechaniac

    Mechaniac didnt seem to stand up well to the blows of Supernova, but then there arent that many robots that could, so they have absolutely no shame in losing. Cassius Chrone is hillarious

    Pussycat vs M2

    This was a great battle. Its a pity I had to leave at one point to get me dinner (stir-fry. Delicious) but I managed to get a decent portion and get back before I missed too much The problem with Pussycat (which isnt a major problem Ill grant), is that it doesnt often cause damage thats easily visible when we watch at home. I remember in its anhiliator, it knocked out two robots with one good attack, but I couldnt actually SEE the damage. It was the same in this battle. We saw it slicing into M2, but it didnt LOOK like it did much more than scratch the paint. Im mostly saying this because that could count against it with the judges. Not to take anything away from M2 though... They both put up a great fight and I think M2 deserved the win. Congrats Paul, comisses Stu.

    Tiberious vs Roobarb

    Erm... I missed most of this fight cause I was taking my dinner bowl into the kitchen. I saw Tiberious getting its claw into Roobarb and trying to shake it off, and when I came back they were doingt he damage cam thing.

    M2 vs Tiberious

    What a great fight to end the first heat with! Tiberious looked well on top, but somehow M2 turned it around and threw Tiberious into the pit.


    The presentation seems nice, they dont seem to glorify the house robots any more and Jayne seemed to fit in well. Plus were getting a MUCH better class of spoilers. Most of them didnt show who was gonna lose while some others were downright misleading. All in all, it was a good show

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