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Thread: Looking Fantastic

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    I think many of us were looking out for ourselves in the into. Seem to count two snippets of IG-88.

    Was the £20,000 a slip or are we in for bigger cheques ? Maybe £25 becomes £35 !!!!!!

    Thought the format looked ok, nice lot of action, damage, arena exits etc.. can see why E became A !!!

    Paul S.

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    Very enjoyable show! It ought to do well on Five if theres any justice.

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    I wonder how many people having just seen the show are thinking of clearing their garage out and building something for next year in the hope of winning £20K.

    Think you€™re correct Chris, total prize fund, much the pity !!!

    Must say the addition of a non heat related battle was reminiscent of the old pinball thingy. Thought Nova looked a little over powered, almost throwing itself out of the arena ( well into the barrier anyway!! ) Looking forward to heat I Show 9 or is it 4 or maybe 6 ?????

    Having just watched the recording again if all the shows are as entertaining as this I think 5 will be on a winner.

    Paul S.

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    Well-impressed and just goes to show a flipper can be entertaining?

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