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Thread: Looking Fantastic

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    Well the Ads must have worked then as youre all taking about them.

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    Nice to see the only damage Shimmy inflicted throughout the entire RW7... good closeup there, I think JP mistake of £20,000 was up there with Roobarbs 140watt 7HP motors... special they are!

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    Must have missed the 7HP bit I just thought he had small motors and wondered if it had enough power to even move.

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    The 20,000 prize money probably includes all the expenses for feeding us and the accomodation :P

    I doubt well see the £50 appearence money for a long time yet, not that it makes much difference to me - I wanted to re invest it into the robot but I think my dad plans to take it to help cover the cost of petrol getting there & back.



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    hey, we got our money this morning and a very nice thank you letter.

    Big thanks to Mentorn, great time had by all.

    why has no body else.... because were special.
    Dont bother entering series 8.... theyve already said Ripper has won it


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    Hi all,

    This is a bit confusing having two forums to contribute to, so please excuse the cut and paste.

    Thanks for all of the kind words. I guess I have to say Jackie was right to become team captain and enter M2, will I ever hear the end of it?

    Just to add some background to two of the fights. The fight with PC was very close, if I remember correctly the judges took some 15 minutes to decide. M2 was covered in gashes from PC which were inspected by one of the judges but none penetrated the armour so I guess they took them to be superficial. During the last 10 seconds of the fight, just as it looked as though PC was struggling to get back on its wheels, a wiring loom tie snapped in M2. This allowed the wiring to one of the motors to be drawn into the gears shorting out the speed controller thus losing drive to one side. The Roboteq survived this dead short (plug!!), fortunately for M2 the fight was just ending so it went almost unnoticed. Stu did some excellent driving to keep away from the arena wall which I know was his plan but if Refbot hadnt of got in the way...

    The fight with Tiberius was cut by at least a minute, basically it was stale mate, Tiberius wouldn€™t let go and every time we were dragged towards the pit, we had sufficient traction on one side to take us back to the CPZ. We stayed in the CPZ for what seemed like ages waiting for the HR€™s but they didn€™t get involved until late on. Once free, it soon became apparent that we had a steering problem and M2 pulled to the right. The problem was later confirmed to be a punctured tyre from Tiberius. Now, these are pneumatic tyres with no filling which meant the rim was free to spin within the tyre with minimum traction but thanks to a gyro and some gentle stick movements, M2 was just controllable.

    Also, a quick thanks to Alan Gribble who did a superb rebuild on the front of the flipper after Vader ripped right through it and this was knowing that our next fight was against PC! This is how generous the people involved in RW€™s can be.



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