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Thread: Looking Fantastic

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    RW with ads and you are too brain-dead to remember what happened repeats is better than no RW at all!

    With luck we will have a better aerial setup by next Sunday, at the moment our TiVo, large TV and VCR cant cope with the faded Five signal we get. Only the 14 portable can manage for some weird reason. Otherwise wed have started watching late and fast-forwarded through the ads and repeats.

    I seriously wonder if advertisers get their moneys worth in these days of recording and fast-forwarding.

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    the problem i see is that Corrie is on the other side :sad: not that i watch tv

    ps lol will we see our £50

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    This year i dont think it was just the house robots that went to far when robots were dead IMO

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    If youve got a problem with the house robots - just lay into them

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    yeah attack them !!!

    The Official Robot Wars!
    Book your tickets quick !!

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    or use another bot to attack them for ya a ED..

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    Now now Chris - the rules allow the use of interchangable weapons

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    Hi all. Just got my account working. Yep, a great start to the series. M2s performance was superb. Lets hope the punters like RW7 as much as the Roboteers seem to!

    The £20,000 was very misleading and probably reinforces Joe Publics opinion that we make money out of this! I wonder when those little cheques will arrive?

    Ive got to say that fives RW7 trailers were about the most naff idea that anyone could have come up with. Everyone Ive spoken to who has seen them thought they were really awful. What a missed opportunity to get the show up to speed.


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    I personally think its somewhat out of order that on the one hand Mentorn are making a huge feature out of the £20,000 prize fund in the show, yet there isnt a single competitor who has recieved their £50 appearance fee.


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    Its a bloody con is what it is!
    Ill bet there are more than a few people seriously considering building for next year under the misconception that itll be financially worth their time...

    Anyone thought to speak to RW production and put it forward that the community arent particularly impressed with this blatant bit of misinformation?


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