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Thread: Looking Fantastic

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    i did feel sorry for supernovas opponent, i know there was a no mercy clause by the HR but they went far too far IMO.

    well done to all the competitors, this was a very interesting heat and wets the appitite for the rest of the series..........shame i have to wait till Feb!!!!!

    o and one last thing, why didnt they replace JP? he really got annoying when he kept saying where did that come from? when it was obvious which robot a panel or weapon had come off. i say get some roboteers to do the comentary!

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    Hi lads can i ask has any one been paid any monies yet ?


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    Mechaniac did prove that hardox/Creusabro makes good armour.

    Because it was a very expensive test

    using of welded threaded tubes seems not to be a good way to fix armour against spinners.but our main problem was, all functions of our remote had inverted in the bullpit, don´t ask why....

    But we had great fun and get a lot of experience.

    our new robot is under construction. new and better armour (much stronger than hardox/creusabro), 2 perms, loads of pneumatic stuff and a brandnew roboteq are waiting in the workshop. no screws on the surface, only welding seams.....beware!

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    Excellent first heat, Didnt see much of what should have been the first heat though but I guess that this was more enternaining to watch and well done paul. During the Tiberious vs M2 fight when I saw Tiberious go through M2 and get stuck I was wondering if they could let go but having seen the clips at the start of the show I knew that they would. The only thing I seem to remember is that you cannot hold a robot for more than 30 seconds and even when Tiberious had a chance to let go they held him longer but this could have been part of the editing they seem to do alot.

    Should I mention how quickly the discs were disposed off and flippers ruled.

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    we were there when the final was filmed, tiberious held on for nearly the whole fight, and at no point (until near the end) did they bring the claw far enough out. M2 did say something about this in the interview at the end, but was cut out. When tiberious went through the armour it missed everything, bar the tyre. Had he of gone through anywhere else the result might not of been the same! But well done paul, about time the public stopped saying who? at live events!
    great first show, got abit annoying when they repeated everything when they came back from the adverts!

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