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Thread: BB News

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    For those of you that havent seen the recent (14 Oct) email from BattleBots, here it is. Sounds good.

    Greetings Bot builders,

    Its been a long time since our last announcement, and we apologize for the
    lack of communication. We are still being sued (have you read that
    Gearheads book yet?), and that has distracted us while weve been busy
    working behind the scenes trying to get BattleBots back on the air. Up
    until this time weve had nothing firm to report, and knowing how this
    community dislikes false promises we decided to shut up and get to work so
    we could have good news for you.

    Well, good news is here and its time to bring you up-to-date:

    Well cut to the chase. Weve just returned from our first round of network
    pitches and we already have offers on the table for the new BattleBots TV
    show! One (very cool) network went as far to say that they have been
    kicking themselves since BattleBots first went on the air, expressing that
    they should be the home for the series.

    This is great for the community because television is the exposure vehicle
    that drives everything. With it, people are more inclined to buy tickets
    for a live show; corporate sponsors are more interested in sponsoring robots
    and the sport at large; licensors are more attracted to creating products
    and merchandise that put money back into builders pockets. BattleBots and
    all the other great robot tournaments will benefit greatly from BattleBots
    being back on TV.

    The TV show were pitching is quite different from what was on Comedy
    Central. We all know how Comedy Central didnt get it, so weve hooked up
    with new agents and a new production company (even new attorneys) that do
    get it-that understand our sport; that grasp the passion of the builders,
    that can reveal their real stories and know how to present to a mass

    For business reasons we cant disclose what this new TV format is. Things
    have to remain confidential while were in negotiations. But rest assured
    you have to be, and will be, the first to know when the time is right. You
    ll be proud to participate, and dont worry; well give you ample time to
    get ready for what will be the most exciting and compelling robot combat
    show that has ever been brought to television.

    Although weve received a great response so far, there is still more of this
    mountain to climb. In the coming weeks well continue to pitch the show,
    follow up with networks that have made offers, and negotiate, negotiate,
    negotiate. With continued hard work well be back on TV in 2004.

    Our live tour event plans are moving full steam ahead. Yes, weve been
    quiet, but that is because we are in deep negotiations with a large touring
    company. This company owns stadiums across the country and is able to
    promote and market to such a degree that tens of thousands of people buy
    tickets for their sports events. They have been talking to us about doing
    the same for BattleBots.

    Any apparent delays have been due to nothing more than a business decision
    to align our TV goals with our Tour goals. In short, we want to break out
    full court press with a TV deal and national touring event simultaneously.
    Our business partners see that as the best win-win situation.

    Format-wise, the Live Tour will be similar to past BattleBots shows, only
    smaller, more manageable, double-elimination, and no seeding advantage for
    high-ranked veteran robots-the slate will be wiped clean.

    Again, well release all the fine details as soon as we can, and there will
    be ample time to get ready.

    Since third parties (like Comedy Central) unfortunately still have rights to
    the name and likeness of each robot subject to the BattleBots Player
    Agreement, our hands are tied, and the Player Agreement remains in effect.
    This is simply the cost of doing business with television and merchandising
    entities that require exclusive rights. Rights that are exercised will
    generate a royalty and builders will be paid accordingly. That being said,
    it was never our intention to tie anyone down, and it is certainly NOT our
    intention to sue any builders. We will endeavor to minimize these
    exclusivities in the future as much as possible.

    Okay, we know were not the best at keeping you up-to-date. But its simply
    a matter of playing our cards close to our chest for business (and legal)
    reasons, and not wanting to announce unconfirmed information. Well blast
    out future emails when the time is right, and in the meantime do not
    hesitate to contact us personally.

    Best Regards,

    Trey and Greg
    BattleBots Inc.

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    Will be going to the USA if excepted and the sooner the better The yanks know how to put on a show and can only help this sport to find its feet.
    The only thing that worries me is that they are away in front of us in developing this sport

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    We do not have sponsership just sell you soul to the devil or do as i do sell your wifes.

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