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Thread: Anywhere you can order metal.pre cut?

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    I believe K-Cut can work from sketches but even doing a simple cad drawings in SketchUp or Fusion 360 is not that hard

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    Sounds like you want the parts cut without doing the CAD work up front. Much like asking a builder to build a house with no plans. I'd recommend learning CAD first. You could pick up the basics in a weekend of tutorials (at least enough to get designing a robot).

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    Try OnShape good tutorials. Free. Updates regularly. Nothing to install runs in browser. App for phone/tablet.

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    Solidworks isn't free unless you can get it from work/uni/college, inventor you can get a trial on, but fusion is free, so I would recommend starting with that, all three do the same thing pretty much

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    Get yourself fusion 360 to start.

    As far as file types, dxf is the standard profile type that any cutting company should accept. I would recommend keeping your parts to 1:1 scale to avoid sizing issues.

    There are many more companies out there than K-cut. I did a quick google search and found I had a water cutters just down the road from me that are far cheaper so I've been going to them.

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