After taking part in the sportsman featherweight for a couple of years and having mixed

results I have decided to build a full combat featherweight on a budget.

I have lots of bits lying around but I realise full combat is a different ball game with all

those spinners involved I need to think tough as old boots!.

I picked up a stainless steel slide around 2 years ago for free when the council re vamped

the park play area and have used that for the front/rear of the robot.

I got 2 makita 18 volt cordless drills out of a skip and they were in great condition-just the batteries

were duff-I will be running them at 24 volt so they went in the robot too.

Quite by accident while trying to drill the stainless and struggling even with Titanium drill bits

I decided to spot weld the stainless steel instead but found some stainless steel electrodes and they

were great for sticking bits together.

I was saving a bit of 6mm polycarbonte for my heavyweight but decided to shape that for the

top cover behind the stainless.

Cost so far under £5 in electric and cutting disks-what's not to like?.

I won't be giving up on sportsman as I find it great fun.