Hello all, got an announcement regarding applications for the Rapture Gaming Festival.

The organiser has asked me to give them an idea of potential numbers and wants to allow some of their own VIPs to sign up. As such i will be opening applications for the event attached below.

Event Timing: 8th - 9th May 2021
Event Location: The Historic Dockyard Chatham
Post Code: ME4 4TZ
Expected times: 10:00-18:00

So obviously the big statement to make is we are still in lockdown. Please dont make any firm plans to attend the event, however we will use this form to issue confirmations to attendees once things are more certain. We are likely to be discussing final plans in March, and so this is just so i have a list of names already formed when that discussion happens.

You can apply at any time, and i will give a weeks notice before applications close. Due to the likelyhood of limited numbers, there will be selections in order to maximise the potential of the event - i am hoping this will be a foot in the door for running regular events at these kind of festivals so need to put the best foot forward out of the gate to show how this sport can really steal a crowd and is a must have as an attraction. Selections is not something i want to do, but in our current environment i need to maximise what i can with the view of a weekend long event with unlimited numbers like we used to have at Insomnia hopefully in the future. If anyone needs to pull out for any reason in the meantime, please let me know.


For more information on the gaming festival, their website is below.