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Thread: pneumatic set

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    You can sometimes see them being put on sale here on the forum, or infrequently on ebay. Some roboteers will do commissions and build one for you, usually at a fair price too. So hopefully one may reply here, given I don't know myself who does them currently. It's a bit too niche for there to be a website dedicated to just doing it, I'd think.
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    As Adam mentioned, there are no places that sell robot-specific pneumatics setups as it's a very niche thing, unless you get a roboteer selling a setup off.

    You usually have to source all the parts individually; I put a video on my YouTube channel that covers the pneumatic setup in my featherweight flipper, Renegade, and I've just updated the description to include links to all the main components:

    It's worth noting that I use the majority of those same components in my Shunt replica (HW scale) so the only main differences between a FW and HW setup is the size of the ram and the bottle used (600g paintball tank for FW, 2kg fire extinguisher for HW).

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