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Thread: Drill driver gearbox assemblies for sale soon.

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    Hi all, I’m in the final stages of importing large quantity of drill driver gearboxes and Rs550 12v motors.
    Im just calculating costs of the units atm, and wondering if people would be interested in a preorder type sale.
    Currently the stats are
    12v units, all metal gearbox with m5 lh screw. Single Speed confirmed with my tachometer to be 680rpm no load, drawing about 2.3amps at 12v. with load (applying pressure using my tachometer) it drops to about 550rpm.

    I have had sample units in shown below and shipping for the full order takes approx 30 days plus week in customs once I click go.

    I will make some mounts for them too, as well as something else.

    Who would potentially be interested in buying them? So I can gauge the demand to then calculate the potential costs as VAT and duty charges can vary the price on quantity ordered. It would be less than buying a drill from Argos!


    Let me know below.
    I may also do preorder sales depending on outcome.

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    Are they older style where the motor mounts to a faceplate and then the faceplate is screwed to the gearbox housing?

    Looks like it but just want to be sure, as I'm old school and don't like the motor and gearbox only being held together with the drill casing/custom motor mounts.

    I'd be interested in four if this is the case

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    Those look good Nat - we do have a stock of Argos drills but frankly I'd rather have a source of gearboxes/motors than have to keep pulling drills to bits and throwing a bunch of bits away, even if it's not much cheaper (can probably find an alternative home for the complete drills!). Agree with Jamie that having complete gear/motor assembly is preferable too, and also the shape of the gearbox case looks a bit less like the inside of a particular drill.

    Couple of questions:
    - Any idea how reliable the supply is going to be? Could this be a long-term replacement for the Argos/Mylek drills, or might future shipments be different? Not so bad when using mounts like yours, but I like the idea of integrating the mount into the robot chassis so it would be nice to be able to count on getting the same shaped box every time!
    - Would it be possible to order them with 18V motors as well as with 12V?

    On a bit of a FW hiatus due to the local Hackspace being closed but I'd say we'd be interested in six or so of these if they're in the £10-15 price range.

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    Thank you for your replies, I’m still awaiting the spec of the motor ie the torque etc, however I’m pleased to say that testing on my setup seems to work as expected compared to my Argos ones.

    To answer your questions,
    I’m getting these direct from the manufacturer in China, and to make it cost effective with the shipping, I’m looking at getting a good amount so we will have a reliable source of these. The shape of the gearbox wouldn’t be changing unless the manufacturer discontinued the design, however I will have had enough to cover for a long period.

    I will be getting some mounts made for it, and as normal I can also machine body panels that include the mounting shape in should that be of interest.

    I’m awaiting to get a price for 18v motors that suit this gearbox, this will be an option available for purchase, also getting the data sheet for that motor too.

    I need to mention that it will be at least 4 weeks before I get them once I have committed. I’m just waiting for the info on the 18v motor prior.

    The motor is screwed into the faceplate, and then the faceplate screws into the gearbox. Although, I would look to not rely on it inside a competitive robot as it may break/pull out.

    More news to come soon

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