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Thread: Heavyweight Drive System

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    The amperage rating is the peak that the motor can draw at any one time (usually when stalled). If the motors can pull 290 and the ESC handle 300, then in theory you are OK. The other way around is a bit more complicated.

    For example, the ESC I use in my Middleweight now (a RageBridge v2) can handle 40 amps a side continuously with a peak of 75A for 30 seconds. The CIM motors I use (from RobotShop) states a peak of 133 amps. However, this is at 12v, I run these motors at 26.4v (8S LiFe). Therefore, to get the same wattage from the motor, you need, in very rough terms, half the amperage. 133 / 2 = 66.5amps at peak. It is entirely possible that the motor could still draw 133 amps but at that point, my 80A fuse would blow and prevent the motor from exploding.

    It is also worth noting that the gearing on your drive will make a difference to how much amperage is needed at any one point since all of the above is based on a 1:1 gearing as I understand it (i.e. direct drive). The Middleweight uses a quite high 6:1 (ish) single stage gearbox.

    So in answer to your question, you could theoretically get by with something lower, yes but it needs to be calculated.
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