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Thread: For Sale - Heavyweight Parts & Chassis

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    Trying to clear some space at the moment so I'm selling off some heavyweight parts.

    Robot Chassis and lifting forks - made of 4-6mm hardox, professionally welded, unused, comes with shock-mounted adapter plates for ampflow gearboxes. £600. (SOLD)

    Nema42 planetary gearbox - 36:1 ratio, 19mm input shaft. £60 (SOLD)

    2x Ampflow 24v A28-400 brushed motors - £175 each. (SOLD)

    Ampflow 24v A28-150 brushed motor - £110 (SOLD)

    2x VEX Victor BBs (same escs that are used in Apollo, Spectre, Witch Doctor etc) - Best suited for up to 12s, requires external BEC. £250 each (SOLD)

    Open to offers regarding bundles. All items can be posted except for the chassis which will need to be collected from Derbyshire.
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