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Thread: I have too much stuff, please buy some of my stuff

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    Hey all,

    I’m having a clear out of my junk cave and some stuff I don’t need/want could now be yours!

    First up, a stupidly sized Beetleweight weapon bar. 250mm effective diameter, 4mm hardox 500. Asking for £10 plus postage.


    Next is a set of Neptune gearboxes from Ranglebox, basically drills in fancy cases. Slightly bent output shaft on one but only very slightly, pinions are included. Asking for £50 for the pair plus postage.


    Lastly (for now) a Turnigy 5065 400kv brushless motor, ideal for that featherweight spinner you’ve been wanting to build. Never used or run, £25 plus postage for this golden boy.


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