Hi all,

So I’m saving up for other things and I have too many featherweight verts. As such I’ve decided to see if there is any interest in Shrektforce. Current state is “slightly in bits” so it does need a fair amount of work. I had planned to make new inner side panels to house the new, smaller gearboxes and I do have to material to do this if required by the buyer first, or you can have the material thrown in and make them yourself. Sold with all escs and motors, spare weapon belt and weapon bar, 8 spare Onyx drive pulleys (12 in all) and small wedgelet. Will be supplied with all the original CAD files etc.

What you see in the picture is what you get, this is not a ready to run robot it is very much a project.
Please note, I will *only* sell to someone that has run a featherweight spinner before, this is an extremely powerful machine, please do not make an offer if you haven’t run a featherweight spinner before.

Offers via pm

cheers, Sam