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Thread: Heavyweight ESC question

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    Brushless ESC could potentially be reprogrammed to handle brushed but I wouldn't always rely on the peak amperage ratings of them to be accurate.

    From sneaking a peak at events, some of the HW roboteers do use RobotEQs though I don't personally know who on the forum uses them. The one you linked looks like it should handle the job mind but I couldn't say for definite. Probably worth asking someone like Jonno from Extreme Robots if he has any experience in using them.
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    If you look at brushless ESCs i wouldn't look beyond Vesc's, either the Maytech 200 (maybe a little too low powered) or the trampa vesc 75/300. These are easily programmed for brushed motor control.

    I would't necessarily advise looking at that particular Roboteq, they're very big and heavy for our needs. the 4QD is in the same vein, they're both good options but not ideal (the house robots have used 4qd controllers in the past, pretty certain some still do) as they need additional cables and/or interfaces to be able to run them on a radio.

    Another option would be to use a contactor with an rc switch, this just turns the motor on and off.

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