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Thread: For Sale : Various Parts

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    The following are for sale, never been used

    1 x Vyper 120a Speed Controller £150
    2 x HobbyWing 8BL150 Brushless Speed Controller £75 Ea
    2 x Robot Power Wasp Speed Controller £25 Ea
    1 x Scorpion Mini Dual 6.5A Speed Controller £35
    4 x Turnigy Plush 40A Brushless Speed Controller £25 Ea
    3 x Technobots RC Relay-Type A £20 Ea
    1 x Ampflow A23-150 DC Motor £250
    4 x PropDrive 42-58 500KV Brushless Motor £30 Ea
    2 x PropDrive 50-60 270KV Brushless Motor £45 Ea
    1 x BaneBot P60 - 256:1 Gearbox £60
    1 x OptiPower Ultra 50C 6S 4000mah Lipo £80
    3 x Turnigy Graphene 65C 5S 1800mah Lipo £65 Ea
    2 x Turnigy Graphene 75C 6S 6000Mah Lipo £90 Ea
    6 x Turnigy Graphene 75c 3S 3000mah Lipo £40 Ea

    Pm If Interested, Open to offers

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    Have you got any more info on the full pressure relief valve? what model are they?

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    They are adjustable between 30-60 Bar
    2 have a 1/8" Thread and the other 2 have a 1/4" Thread, you will need to set the pressure

    Having put the code on the side of them on google i have found where they are sold

    i paid more for them as they are sold there now so i will take them off here so people can buy cheaper and i will keep mine
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    Hey mate, i'll take 2 of the 5060 270kv propdrives if they are still available?

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    pm sent

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    Andy the propdrives are available (tried to PM you but your inbox is full)

    replied to all PM messages

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