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Thread: Beginning of my Antweight

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    Hey there, welcome to the forum! Design looks very tidy.

    With N20s what is the best amperage for 4? A 2S lipo will be plenty voltage wise, but will a 300Mah pump out enough for 4, or do I need to go higher?
    You'd probably be OK with 300mAh if it is just a pusher though it is always worth overestimating in my opinion if unsure.
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    Hi Richard,

    A 300mAh LiPo will easily be fine. I have an antweight with 4x N20s and a servo for a lifter, and that has 180mAh which I usually do a few fights with between charging.

    Your design looks good, just wondering why you have the slot in the wedge? Any horizontal spinners will love catching on that.

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    A small servo lifter would suit this, one like a grappling claw that would allow you to take control over the opponent would be nice, and with the 4 motors that would give you the gripe torque advantage too.

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    Noticed some potential parts for sale on eBay. They come up every now and again, sometimes even machines that were on Robot Wars. Not sure how useful they might be for your build though.

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