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Thread: Quad Bike Rear Axle-For Heavy or Middleweight Builder

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    I bought this Quad Bike axle a while back with the idea of using it in a new build

    but I have Re vamped my heavy rather than use this so it is now surplus.

    Inflatable tyres

    brake and sprocket on axle

    Just £15


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    Hi Colin, I'd be interested but wouldn't be able to collect it until lockdown is lifted/travel is permitted (or possibly the next Dojo). Do you know what pitch of sprocket it is and how wide it is including tyres?

    If you're looking to get rid of it sooner or have someone who is nearer who wants it, don't worry about holding onto it for me.

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    Thank's Jamie-Here's some more details for you or anyone interested...
    Overall width is 70cm and the sprocket teeth are 13mm point to point and 5mm wide so some
    type of quad bike chain would fit but the sprocket will unbolt.
    weight is about 11kg.
    I can take it to Robodojo no problem-whenever that may be.

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    Thanks for the info Colin, PM sent

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    Axle is now sold

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