Hello all,

On from the first long winded post (sorry), thought I'd just add another bot I put together in a couple of hours as a break from the first one, and just to use up the odd chopping boards and drill motors I had lying around. Again, rough and ugly but this really is just a bot to thrash around and learn to drive more effectively and have fun with. Lucky really, as this will go to my youngest daughter as she has told me a few times to build her a bot to just have fun with.

I'll get to make more bots with my kids when this Covid-19 stuff is out of the way, they can sort some designs and ideas, and get involved in creating their designs (so long as they are simple and reasonable), practical skills, they spend far too much time on their mobiles and computers, a change will do them good I think!

Thank you everyone,


Basic wedge bot-mod1.jpgCrap wedge 2WD 2 - powerlight-mod1.jpgCrap wedge 2WD 1-mod1.jpg