Day 1: I've been thinking of doing this for months, I've got some bits already. My plan is to split a 20 Liter Steel Jerry Can and robotize it (of course) with 2 motors and tank tracks. Mr Manuva, creator and owner of Bread Dead Redemption, is my main source of motivation and expertise. Since I have been locked out of work I've no longer got any excuses. let the build commence.

Parts list: I have the motors, from Aldi 20 volt drills, yet to be disassembled. I have a Spektrum DX5 but no receiver as yet, and the Jerry Can. Also got a decent work-space and lots of nuts and bolts etc.

I need an ESC, wheels to get me started and progress to tank tracks when I've got it all working. I need the materials to mount all the gear to, as a base. I'm hoping for inspiration as I go along, with a degree of flexibility in the design along the way.

A push bot is what I want to start with, in the Featherweight class, maxing out on the weight hopefully.

If anyone wants to offer any suggestions for a total beginner, please feel free to let me know.