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Thread: Robodojo Featherweight Championship 2020 Round 2 March 22nd 2020

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    Signed up for March, looking forward to the event.
    January event was brilliant; well turned out, great food and refreshments at a very reasonable price and superbly organised.

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    No Comment

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    Big shame, but very understandable.
    Looking forward to 31st May event - let's stay positive
    All the very best of health to everyone - Cliff

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    It's a pisser but the right call. Hopefully be back in business by May yeah!

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    Maybe we can all bring our own personal polycarb boxes and stay in them all day. Then the robots can go in the open arena. It's safe and hygenic.

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    I had a similar idea Sam...have a virtual competition over 5 rounds, Alex can do the draw as he will have

    a list of all that would have been taking part.

    The winner of each battle would be chosen on past performance/weapon/speed/reliability

    !-a bit like featherweight top trumps

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