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Thread: BotFest 4 (25th April 2020)

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    If you need a calendar of events, Lucy, BBB have one on their website:

    As someone who signed up for the 26th Dojo just hours before you announced the original day for Botfest, I'm very glad it has been moved to July I shall be signing up!

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    Team Kaizen

    Ah excellent, looking forwards to seeing you there!

    I do normally keep a calendar myself of the events happening in the year but with 2020 being what it was and personal illness, I've simply not kept on top of what events are happening when. Least now there is a solid date that doesn't appear to clash with any other event.
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    24th July looks good! Also seems a mighty long way into the future right now but should be able to come. Fingers crossed work/life won't intervene!

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