RoboNerd 2021 is fast approaching, and with it comes 2 offerings from us - featherweights and antweights.

Firstly and most excitingly, we will be running a full BEVs tournament at RoboNerd 2021. BEVs are our sportsman-like featherweight class (Bev = Bristol + Fev) which you can find the rules for at
The tournament will be open for up to 24 robots in a format allowing each robot to get at least 2 fights.

Signups will open Friday 13th August at 6pm on and we will be asking for a £10 entry fee within 1 hour of signing up paid via paypal to to cover our van hire and arena maintenance costs. Any unpaid slots after 1 hour may be opened up if signups have filled.

We will be requiring proof of mobility (a video clip demonstrating a drivable chassis not a finished robot) by the end of 27th August, sent to or our facebook page. You may sign up a secondary robot to either whiteboard or get bumped into the competition if there are spaces or drop outs.

Roboteers will also need to ensure they have something to work on (eg a table) and can arrange cover in case of rain. We will add all competitors into a Messenger group nearer the time to allow for group organisation. Finally, teams will need to keep track of their fights using Rampage. RoboNerd is an event with a lot of things going on so to ensure we run to time, you must be ready to go when your fight is up, otherwise be considered a forfeit. Tech Checks will open when RoboNerd opens at 11am, ready for fights to begin at 12pm.

Secondly, the antweight arena will be in attendance as it has been in previous years, available for self-organised whiteboard matches. There will be a £5 ‘honesty box’ at the event for use of the open arenas (ant and beetle). Supervision required from a RoboNerd crew member if a spinner is in the arena.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

BBB xo