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Thread: LIDL for sale - not the store, but something usefull at Lidl on thursday (EUROPE wide

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    Just a heads up for those wanting one...

    30amp plasma cutter for sale in UK - seems to be able to run on 13 amp as 30amp max

    Same model in NI but shown with a 16 amp socket.

    Germany and France have 40 amp models available

    Please dont all rush at once, i need to get 2 of them - me and a makerspace

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    Nice! Just a heads up for anyone who doesn't read the whole description, it requires an air compressor to run, which isn't included.
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    Currently waiting in a queue at lidl. I only need one now. Someone at Swindon makerspace went to the Swindon local lidl and managed to buy one last night. The review is that it does the job, and seems to be made well. If you Google for the model number there are several forum posts with images if the internals from when it was sold 12/13 months ago

    So... seems like Newbury didn't get the plasma cutter in their stock, so I wasnt able to get one, but the makerspace has one from yesterday so at least the community has one but I wasn't able to get one to use at home. I don't get to stay at the makerspace for long as it's on my commute home as apposed to being the local one, hoping to get one from France if my dad can buy one as he is in France atm.
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