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Thread: Beetleweights for sale

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    *Now Sold*

    After back and forth on robots, i've decided that a combination of a change in jobs, and having other hobbies means that as much as i'd like to compete at some stage, it's just not going to happen - i'll stick to watching instead, which is still cool.

    Selling my two beetleweights. Both require transmitters.

    2wd Wedgebot built by Team Ogrekill. Brand new in Oct last year and never run. Requires Transmitter, lipo and an xt30 to connect the battery ( comes with reciever, bind plug, and removable link )


    2018 beetleweight championship runner up, Royal Fail. Bought from Team Riptide last year.
    From the original advert on here : Clearly needs a bit of work, but otherwise would happily still post very good results in competition with good driving ability.
    Comes with: 4 Kitbots motors, Chassis, Wedge and spare fixings, foam wheels, speed control and battery. Requires Transmitter, and obviously putting everything back together.


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