Hi Folks, Signups are now live for the first round of the new Sportsman Beetleweight, Antweight and Bodgebot competition. The first of 5 rounds this year is on Saturday 22nd February.
This is a new format for us and we really want people to come and have a relaxed fun filled day!
Signup link is here:
The Sportsman Beetleweight and Bodgebot competitions will be held in an open 2mx3m arena. The Antweight competion will be held in the Robodojo Antweight arena
We hope the majority of the Bodgebots to be built on the day with whatever Beetle/Ant spare parts you have to bodge together. We have a good number of parts to sell/loan on the day if you need to something to get your bot moving.
If you are not sure what a Bodgebot is here's a concise description courtesy of Bristol Bot Builders
"A bodgebot is a combat robot, however it’s thoroughly ‘bodged’ - often made last minute from bits of scrap, tape and a lot of glue and costs maximum £40." They have a great guide on their website. Click Bodgebots