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Thread: Argos and drill motor mounts, CNC machining, 3D printing and Laser-not metal, cutting

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    I sell the Argos motor mounts as well as other brand mounts for £10 a set. mounting dimensions 30mm centre height to base, screw mounting 52.5mm x 30mm. I also offer the ability to modify the standard mounts to fit your design for a small charge plus additional material. - Want to have the mount a part of your frame, i can also add the design to a large shape.

    In addition to ARGOS (now unavailable to buy from Argos) i am making mounts for

    with different mounting spaces:

    GUILD(from Argos) drills. (note these have a slightly different mount spacing)
    CHALLENGERArgos drill
    VONHAUS 2 speed 18V (with locker for the speed)

    I also offer the following services

    CNC Machining for metals, composites and plastics
    Laser cutting of wood and plastics - not metals
    3D printing of PLA, ABS, Nylon, Nylon+Carbon Fibre mix, Nylon+Glass fibre mix and PLA pro (PLA plus)

    Please contact me for a quote from your parts.

    Images of parts made so far to be added.


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    Hi UncleBa, welcome to the robot community. Is it the newer argos motors you have? Just to make sure. They can be seen in my video on YouTube, , note the price has since increased since that video.

    I usually accept payment via a friends and family payment through PayPal, as it means I can sell cheaper to you as I don’t get the fees. You are also guaranteed the parts though as it’s my name on the line if I don’t deliver! That’s why I’d rather have a friends family payment.

    Are you based in Uk? If so, 2 mounts would be £2.50 postage, 3 to 4 is £3.50p. Send me a PM and can discuss if the measurements suit your design and if you need a change to the standard design.

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