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Thread: Team Coolspeedbot's Beetleweight build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triceratop View Post
    Just read this thread, built a beetle weight last but never had the chance to use it, could you send me details of this event with location and dates please?
    Would also appreciate if you know of other events and date for Beetle weights.
    Many thanks and Happy New Year.
    The event take is taking place at: University of Greenwich Medway campus, ME4 4TB on the 28th and 29th of March.

    For finding other Beetle events:

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    First purchase for CSB: Echo, The 22mm gear motors from Bristol Bot Builders website and the BB10A ESCs from Ranglebox. So drive will be sorted, I have loads of scrap 10mm HDPE to make the Bulkheads and some scrap 5mm HDPE to make maybe the sides or a base plate.

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    Update time. The build is in full gear with the first HDPE parts cut and assembled. Not the best but I've never had to cut such small parts before.

    And not to long ago I did the wiring.

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    The BaneBots wheels finally arrived and the 5mm panels cut and attached to the frame.

    All that is left is to get Ti wedges and 3D print the motor mounts that support the back of the gear boxes and the motors. And make spare panels.

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    Big step reached, CSB: Echo is alive and running just need the wedge and we're ready for Beetle belt later this month.

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    Beelte Belt like all events at present got called off due to Covid 19 but at the very least I got CSB: Echo fully running and assembled for a second test drive

    Yes I know my washing machine is making a noise.

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