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Thread: Beetle Belt 2020 @ Greenwich University - Sign ups open

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    After a year hiatus, the Beetle Belt competition is returning to Greenich University. The IET on Campus Engineering Society plans to host an event with additional robot related competitions on the side (such as Sumo) and Beetleweights are set to take center stage once again!

    Depending on the turnout, the event is planned to be over 2 days - 28/29 March 2020, would really appreciate people giving us an idea on turnout so we can confirm as quickly as possible.

    The Uni also intends to put on a roboteers evening at the student bar with food, drinks and more. If the turnout meets our expections then it should be awesome.

    Sign ups are below. At the moment, you will either need an FRA number or be a member of a University for insurance purposes. Please feel free to drop a comment here or in the Beetleweight Robot Combat group on Facebook if this is an issue and we will try to sort something out.

    Get your bolts on and your batteries charged, sign ups are below!

    Beetleweight Robot Combat group:

    Best of luck!

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    Hey all,

    Just to confirm the event will definitely take place over two days now, on the Medway Campus for the University of Greenwich - ME4 4TB

    If you want to come to the event, sign ups close on 15th March. However if your intending to sign up late (for example after UWE) id really appreciate you letting me know asap - just purely for insurance purposes i need to tell them how many are likely to attend, and also to ensure i book enough of the correct sized rooms.

    Also the Uni is looking to book a film crew and put on a live stream - along with potentially use this as a platform to start up STEM activities involving robots for both local schools and students. So the more successful we can make this event, hopefully the more we can impress the various sponsors to make that a reality. Other thing they are trying to organise atm is a roboteers dinner in the Student bar. Hopefully all those details should be confirmed by the end of February.

    If anyone needs any information or help, feel free to send me a message.
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    Just a last reminder final information will be going out to everyone via email on the 15th March.

    Can i just ask everyone who intends to come has either signed up or sent me a message to register interest by this time.

    Basically just have to submit a site layout for the booking so need to make sure i leave enough space for all the tables required etc.

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    Howd you mean?

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    Yeh so atm events are bigger than they have ever been.

    BBB just held their championship with 48 robots and that was the capacity so many more may have otherwise applied if they could, whilst Greenwich is looking around 36 atm.

    Certainly a scene worth getting involved in

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    Event has now been canceled due to the ongoing pandemic.

    The University is cancelling all events up until April, after which there will be a month by month analysis of the situation.

    The plan is to still host the event sometime this year, however currently we do not know when that will be

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