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Thread: Bristol Bot Builders Shop - Beetle & Ant parts

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    Hi All,

    We're stocking ant and beetle parts at Bristol Bot Builders shop!

    A few things in the works, feedback welcome

    Some interesting parts to highlight are some 22mm planetary gearmotors for beetles and N20 gearmotors with built in ESCs for ants:


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    We've just stocked FingerTech's Metric NutStrip and Twist Hubs/wheels! No more importing from Canada

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    Big restock of 22mm planetary gearmotors in time for UWE!
    We now ship to all of Europe.

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    A new product from us - nylon 6 face plate mounts for 22mm planetary motors - works with ours as well as OP boxes, Bot Kits, Servocity etc.

    Also if you need custom lasered nylon or polycarb parts or acrylic trophies or signs, drop me a message or BBB's facebook or twitter.
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    Just to let people know, while the Royal Mail is still running, our shop is still open!

    We've had a big restock of our 22mm beetle motors & mounts, ant escs, motors and wheels.
    We also still stock Fingertech wheels, twist hubs and Nutstrips!


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    We've been filling out our beetle parts selections! As well as planetary motors and mounts, FingerTech wheels, hubs and NutStrip... we now stock 4S 8A brushed ESCs, Safety kits, BECs and receivers! We deliver to all of Europe.

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